Rural property power supply

A substantial rural property required an innovative solution to upgrade its domestic power supply following a comprehensive refurbishment and improvement works to a very high standard.

Contract Value: ?35k
Date: 2007
Local Authority: Wrexham County Borough Council


Our client is a High-Net-Worth Individual whose rural property was near practical completion following a substantial programme of improvement works which included an indoor heated and air-conditioned swimming pool situated in a purpose-built orangery. On investigation, it transpired that the existing power supply to the building was single phase and clearly of the incorrect specification for a pool installation of this kind.

Furthermore, due to its remote location in the Shropshire countryside, frequent power cuts and variations in voltage were being experienced, causing disruption to audio-visual and other IT equipment in the property.

The Challenge

Upgrading the overhead power cables, which was the principal electricity supply to the property, would not only have required significant investment but would also have necessitated a complex planning application including the obtaining of wayleave agreements from neighbours. In addition, the lead times for installation advised by the utility company of 9-12 months would also have caused an unacceptable delay to completion of works and an inability to use the pool facility for a considerable period.

Our Solution

For the purposes of our client's completion deadline, a temporary installation of a 3-phase power generator in the grounds of the property was provided. This enabled safe and efficient remediation of all works and the successful consolidation of problems within the pool area.

To provide a mid-term solution we subsequently specified the conversion of the single phase electrical supply to 3-phase supply using an electronic rotary power inverter converter. This facility not only effectively air-conditioned the swimming pool area but also stabilised the power supply to the remainder of the property resolving the disruption to audio-visual and IT equipment. In addition, the expense and delay of upgrading the external electricity supply to the property was avoided.

As a long-term solution, Consolux is currently advising the client on the proposed installation of a new power supply in the form of a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant run from an existing fuel supply to the property.

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