Processing factory energy reduction plan

A dairy production facility undertaking expansion is aiming to increase energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

Contract Value: not disclosed
Date: 2008
Local Authority: Wrexham County Borough Council


To manage a period of growth within its organic sales a substantial dairy facility in North Wales plans to significantly increase site capacity with a new milk processing and packaging facility.


The client requires a low energy solution, not least to reduce energy costs but specifically as a means to achieve BREEAM accreditation. Practically, design and implementation of the M&E solution had to take account of the site's strict hygiene procedures.

OUR SOLUTION             

Water recycling is an essential issue in terms of consumption, so a rainwater collection system will be installed, harvesting rainwater from the roof and other hard standing areas, and then channelling it to a purposely built lake to feed an on site silo.  This in turn will then be used to wash all the tankers within the facility.

The facility's growth means an increase in power requirements, and the national grid supply is insufficient in maintaining the operation of the site's refrigeration, pumps and production line.  With a new supply unfeasible due to site orientation, an 11KV 1MV substation was specified. To ensure security across the facility this will be safeguarded with a CCTV system including a personnel and vehicle recognition system.

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