Disaster recovery resilience audit

Audit of current disaster recovery protocol for mechanical, electrical and data services for a major emergency services provider in the public sector.

Contract Value: not disclosed
Date: 2009
Local Authority: North West


This organisation was one of the three major emergency services in the north west, UK. A routine appraisal of one of its regional control centres identified the need to independently audit its resilience if subjected to an unplanned and unprecedented disruption to M&E services.


The nature of our client's data and telecoms requirement was such that lives would be put at risk if failure of their systems was total and without redundancy.


In discussion with the client and relevant stakeholders our brief was to critically examine the current disaster recovery plan in terms of M&E and to make a series of recommendations for formal review and implementation.

The control centre housed a sophisticated array of telephony, data, emergency power and lighting hardware appropriate for the service and which had benefited from continued investment over several years.

Consolux was asked to specifically consider the impact of a power outage on staff, electrical and mechanical systems, and telecoms.

Our brief included several initial meetings with the site users and executive members to understand the unique requirements in case of emergency followed by a site visit that detailed the existing data, voice and power installation.

Our audit and recommendations focused on the assumption that 100% continuity of operation was required should power fail to the building.

The existing systems were, perhaps reassuringly, found to be satisfactory. Consolux recommended however some improvements in areas of data back-up, telephone diversion and emergency fire procedures in-line with current good practice.

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