Engineers expert witness service

Independent engineer's review of an incomplete building project with regards to M&E services.

Contract Value: not disclosed
Date: 2009
Local Authority: North West


A regrettable consequence of the UK's current economic recession is an increase in the number of construction projects whose developers have entered into administration.

In our example, a residential developer collapsed leaving the new investors needing to value both the works completed and the works required to successfully bring the project to market.


As the development was at a relatively advanced period of works, many aspects or heating, power and lighting had already been fixed but were at different stages of completion on a construction site that had essentially been abandoned.


In the first instance Consolux conducted a quick review of the key paperwork relating to the various contracts associated with the engineering services in order to understand the contract sums involved and the companies associated with the building project.

We then undertook a site visit at the earliest opportunity in which we were able to define the works completed to date, acting as an expert witness to the client with regards to the M&E services.

Our subsequent report was in the form of an audit of the state of M&E installation, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of the building and a series of recommendations going forward.

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