Pharmaceutical factory snow damage

Emergency M&E work for a pharmaceutical factory in East Yorkshire following structural damage incurred by a period of exceptionally heavy snow.

Contract Value: not disclosed
Date: 2011
Local Authority: Yorkshire


Our client, a pharmaceutical factory in East Yorkshire, needed emergency work to repair the structural damage incurred by a period of exceptionally heavy snow, which caused employees to be evacuated.

The Challenge

Consolux were required to act quickly to address the problem. Inspections revealed the weight of the snow had caused structural damage. This had also harmed mechanical and electrical equipment within the roof space, impacting on the pharmaceutical production areas. Due to the evacuation, all the electrical services were isolated which resulted in frost damage to steam heating coils within the air handling units.

The Solution

Emergency repairs were undertaken to restore the plant to operation. Consolux then assembled a team of inspectors to check the plant outside normal hours, to ensure continual operation.

After identifying £1m of damage and remedial works required for the mechanical and electrical installation, we arranged for competitive tenders for the remedial work.

The client increased production to create a stock pile of their pharmaceutical product before closing the plant down for a specific period. During shut down, Consolux arranged for 70 operatives working around the clock to complete the remedial work on time. This ensured minimum disruption to the plant’s operation and the quickest recovery following the disaster.

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