Low temperature hot water boilers (LTHW)

Low temperature hot water boilers (LTHW) are the most common systems found in domestic properties. Capable of heating water to around 90 degrees centigrade, they distribute hot water via Pipework. The systems are suitable for commercial use; however, a larger system is generally required.

Convector Heating

Convectors work by drawing room air through a casing and ventilating it out after passing over a covered hot water pipe. Generally used in public spaces due to the low surface temperature, convectors are more efficient than radiators having faster and greater heat output per unit size.

Ductwork System

Channels used to convey heated or cooled air from a central system (HVAC).

Heat Recovery

A system that captures heat from air removed from a space via a ventilation system and using it to preheat an air supply. This is an efficient method of reduces demand on the system generating the heat.

Radiators Systems

Metal pipes which exclude heat from the systems hot water pipes.

Radiant Heating

Heats a building through radiant heat, emitting the heat from an element within a room rather than directly heating the air.

Underfloor heating

A network of hot water pipes fixed between the main floor finish and the main concrete floor slab. The pipes heat the entire floor surface achieving even distribution and the highest efficiencies.